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Testimonials: Testimonials

My son, who is four, only attends on Wednesdays. This morning, he was awake, dressed and shoes on two hours before we had to leave the house wanting to know if "today's the day we go to Bright Minds?!" Its so awesome to be able to go to work and not worry at all that my son is happy, having a great time, and also receiving a quality foundation for his future in school. I'm really glad we found Bright Minds and are looking forward to adding days in the coming year!

Marrissa Barker


Our son Liam, who is 8 months old, spends 2 full days each week with Tawney and her staff at Bright Minds. She has been nothing short of amazing with Liam and the other children. She always sends us updates and pictures of all the awesome things they do. We get to see our little guy learning, eating, and having a great time with the other children. We are so happy that Liam is in such good hands. We most certainly recommend Bright Minds to anyone looking for child care.

Josh Hudkins


Bright Minds is wonderful!!! The staff is fabulous! 
My son, Brayton (17 months), a happy kid, came home even happier! The first day, there were no tears. He didn't even realize I left. As an only child, it is so important for him to interact with the other children. The updates/pictures during the day prove he is enjoying himself while learning. 
After only 1 visit, he got giddy in the car when I pulled up! I am calling Bright Minds pre-pre school. These children get to learn in an atmosphere of fun and love. 
Thank you for all you do!


I have two children under the care of Mrs Tawney! A 4 year old boy and a 1yr old girl. She has been amazing! I love the text/picture updates throughout the day; it gives me peace of mind to see my little ones having fun and learning through play. My son is always so excited to go to Mrs Tawney house, he comes home eager to show me his project of the day. I would definitely recommend Bright Minds Home Care.

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